Definition of ythrowe

Definition of ythrowe
  1. ythrowe Verb Past participle of throw
  2. throw Verb To cause an object to move rapidly through the air.
  3. throw Verb To eject or cause to fall off.
  4. throw Verb To move to another position; to displace.
  5. throw Verb To make (a pot) by shaping clay as it turns on a wheel.
  6. throw Verb Of a bowler, to deliver (the ball) illegally by straightening the bowling arm during delivery.
  7. throw Verb To send (an error) to an exception-handling mechanism in order to interrupt normal processing.
  8. throw Verb to intentionally lose a game
  9. throw Verb To confuse or mislead.
  10. throw Verb To send desperately
  11. throw Verb To imprison.
  12. throw Verb To organize an event, especially a party.
  13. throw Verb To roll (a die or dice).
  14. throw Verb To cause a certain number on the die or dice to be shown after rolling it.
  15. throw Verb To discard
  16. throw Verb To lift the opponent off the ground and bring him back down, especially into a position behind the thrower.
  17. throw Verb To subject someone to verbally.
  18. throw Verb To give birth to.
  19. throw Verb To change in order to give the illusion that the voice is that of someone else.
  20. throw Verb To show sudden emotion, especially anger.
  21. throw Verb To project or send forth
  22. throw Noun The flight of a thrown object; as, a fast throw.
  23. throw Noun The act of throwing something.
  24. throw Noun A distance travelled; displacement; as, the throw of the piston.
  25. throw Noun A piece of fabric used to cover a bed, sofa or other soft furnishing.
  26. throw Noun A single instance, occurrence, venture, or chance.
  27. throw Noun Pain, especially pain associated with childbirth; throe
  28. throw Noun The act of giving birth in animals, especially in cows.
  29. throw Noun A moment, time, occasion.
  30. throw Noun A period of time; a while.
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