Definition of yronne

Definition of yronne
  1. yronne Verb Past participle of run
  2. run Noun The act of running.
  3. run Noun The route taken while running or skiing.
  4. run Noun A flow of liquid; a leak.
  5. run Noun A small creek or part thereof.
  6. run Noun The amount of something made.
  7. run Noun The length of a showing of a play, film, tv series or season or themes/genres of such.
  8. run Noun The top of a step on a staircase, also called a tread, as opposed to the rise.
  9. run Noun The horizontal length of a set of stairs
  10. run Noun A production quantity in a factory.
  11. run Noun A pace faster than a walk.
  12. run Noun A fast gallop.
  13. run Noun An interval of distance or time, a period marked by a continuing trend.
  14. run Noun A series of tries in a game that were successful.
  15. run Noun A trial of an experiment.
  16. run Noun A regular trip or route.
  17. run Noun A standard or unexceptional group or category.
  18. run Noun An enclosure for an animal; a track or path along which something can travel.
  19. run Noun An errand or the journey associated with an errand.
  20. run Noun A pleasure trip.
  21. run Noun A single trip down a hill, as in skiing and bobsledding.
  22. run Noun A point scored in baseball and cricket.
  23. run Noun A rapid passage in music, especially along a scale.
  24. run Noun A sequence of cards in a suit in a card game.
  25. run Noun A sudden series of demands on a bank or other financial institution, especially characterised by great withdrawals.
  26. run Noun Any sudden large demand for something.
  27. run Noun Unrestricted use of an area.
  28. run Noun A line of knit stitches that have unravelled, particularly in a nylon stocking.
  29. run Noun The stern of the underwater body of a ship from where it begins to curve upward and inward.
  30. run Noun horizontal dimension of a slope.
  31. run Adjective In a liquid state; melted; molten.
  32. run Adjective Exhausted; depleted (especially with "down" or "out".)
  33. run Verb To move forward quickly upon two feet by alternately making a short jump off of either foot, compare: walk.
  34. run Verb To go at a fast pace, to move quickly.
  35. run Verb To move or spread quickly.
  36. run Verb To cause to move quickly; to make move lightly.
  37. run Verb To control or manage, be in charge of.
  38. run Verb Of a liquid, to flow.
  39. run Verb Of an object, to have a liquid flowing from it.
  40. run Verb To make a liquid flow; to make liquid flow from an object.
  41. run Verb To extend in space or through a range (often with a measure phrase).
  42. run Verb To extend in time, to last, to continue (usually with a measure phrase).
  43. run Verb To make something extend in space.
  44. run Verb Of a machine, including computer programs, to be operating or working normally.
  45. run Verb To make a machine operate.
  46. run Verb To execute or carry out a plan, procedure or program.
  47. run Verb To compete in a race.
  48. run Verb To be a candidate in an election.
  49. run Verb To make run in a race or an election.
  50. run Verb To be presented in one of the media.
  51. run Verb To print or broadcast in the media.
  52. run Verb To leak or spread in an undesirable fashion , to bleed (especially used of dye or paint).
  53. run Verb To become different in a way mentioned (usually to become worse).
  54. run Verb To go through without stopping, usually illegally.
  55. run Verb To transport someone or something.
  56. run Verb To smuggle illegal goods.
  57. run Verb To cost a large amount of money.
  58. run Verb Of fish, to migrate for spawning.
  59. run Verb To carry a football down the field.
  60. run Verb Of stitches, to unravel.
  61. run Verb To flee away from a danger or towards help.
  62. run Verb To sort through a large volume of produce in quality control.
  63. run Verb To control or have precedence in a card game.
  64. run Verb To juggle a pattern continuously, as opposed to starting and stopping quickly.
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