Definition of yoke

Definition of yoke
  1. yoke Verb To link or to join.
  2. yoke Verb To unite, to connect.
  3. yoke Noun A bar or frame of wood by which two oxen are joined at the heads or necks for working together.
  4. yoke Noun A pair (of animals, especially oxen).
  5. yoke Noun A burden; something which represses or restrains a person.
  6. yoke Noun The part of a shirt that stretches over the shoulders, usually made out of a doubled piece of fabric. Or, a pair of fabric panels on trousers (especially jeans) or a skirt, across the back of the garment below the waistband.
  7. yoke Noun Well-developed muscles of the neck and shoulders.
  8. yoke Noun The column-mounted control wheel of an aircraft.
  9. yoke Noun The electro-magnetic coil that deflects the electron beam in a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube).
  10. yoke Noun A fitting placed across the head of the rudder with a line attached at each end by which a boat may be steered. In modern use it is primarily found in sailing canoes and kayaks.
  11. yoke Noun An alternative name for a cowpoke.
  12. yoke Noun An undefined object, a gadget.
  13. yoke Noun Misspelling of yolk
  14. yolk Noun The yellow, spherical part of an egg that is surrounded by the white albumen, and serves as nutriment for the growing young.
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