Definition of yholde

Definition of yholde
  1. yholde Verb Past participle of hold
  2. hold Verb To grasp or grip.
  3. hold Verb To contain or store.
  4. hold Verb To have and keep possession of something.
  5. hold Verb To reserve.
  6. hold Verb To cause to wait or delay.
  7. hold Verb To detain.
  8. hold Verb To maintain, to consider.
  9. hold Verb To bind (someone) to a consequence of that person's actions.
  10. hold Verb To be or remain valid; to apply; to "hold true"; to "hold good".
  11. hold Verb To win one's own service game.
  12. hold Noun A grasp or grip.
  13. hold Noun Something reserved or kept.
  14. hold Noun A position or grip used to control the opponent.
  15. hold Noun The cargo area of a ship, (often "cargo hold").
  16. hold Noun The percentage the house wins on a gamble.
  17. hold Noun An instance of holding one's service game, as opposed to being broken.
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