Definition of yellowing

Definition of yellowing
  1. yellowing Verb Present participle of yellow
  2. yellowing Noun The act of becoming yellow and/or of losing brightness
  3. yellow Adjective Having yellow as its colour.
  4. yellow Adjective Lacking courage.
  5. yellow Adjective Characterized by sensationalism, lurid content, and doubtful accuracy.
  6. yellow Adjective Chinese.
  7. yellow Noun The colour of gold or butter; the colour obtained by mixing green and red light, or by subtracting blue from white light.
  8. yellow Noun One of the colour balls used in snooker with a value of 2 points.
  9. yellow Noun yellow card
  10. yellow Verb To become yellow or more yellow.
  11. yellow Verb To cause to become yellow or more yellow.
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