Definition of yedding

Definition of yedding
  1. yedding Noun A song, especially the song of a minstrel.
  2. yedding Noun A popular tale or romance, or a song embodying a popular tale or romance.
  3. yedding Verb Present participle of yed
  4. yedding Noun A burrow; a mole or rabbit hole.
  5. yed Verb To speak; sing.
  6. yed Verb To magnify greatly in narration; exaggerate a tale; fib.
  7. yed Verb To contend; wrangle.
  8. yed Noun A saying.
  9. yed Noun A falsehood; leasing.
  10. yed Verb To burrow underground, as a rabbit or mole; also said of miners.
  11. yed Verb To be associated with a place or locality.
  12. yed Noun A burrow; a hole made by an animal in the ground.
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