Definition of yard

Definition of yard
  1. yard Noun A small, usually uncultivated area adjoining or (now especially) within the precincts of a house or other building.
  2. yard Noun An enclosed area designated for a specific purpose, e.g. on farms, railways etc.
  3. yard Noun One's house or home.
  4. yard Verb To confine to a yard.
  5. yard Noun A long tapered timber hung on a mast to which is bent a sail, and may be further qualified as a square, lateen, or lug yard. The first is hung at right angles to the mast, the latter two hang obliquely.
  6. yard Noun Any spar carried aloft.
  7. yard Noun A staff, rod or stick.
  8. yard Noun A unit of length equal to three feet (exactly 0.9144 metres in the US and UK).
  9. yard Noun One-hundred dollars.
  10. yard Noun A penis.
  11. yard Noun 109, A short scale billion; a long scale thousand millions or milliard.
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