Definition of wronger

Definition of wronger
  1. wronger Noun One who wrongs someone.
  2. wronger Noun One who commits a wrong.
  3. wronger Adjective Comparative of wrong
  4. wrong Adjective Incorrect or untrue.
  5. wrong Adjective Asserting something incorrect or untrue.
  6. wrong Adjective Immoral, not good, bad.
  7. wrong Adjective Improper; unfit; unsuitable.
  8. wrong Adjective Not working; out of order.
  9. wrong Adjective Designed to be worn or placed inward; as, the "wrong" side of a garment or of a piece of cloth
  10. wrong Adverb In a way that isn't right; done incorrectly; wrongly.
  11. wrong Noun Something that is immoral or not good.
  12. wrong Noun The incorrect or unjust position or opinion. (Or is it the wronged?)
  13. wrong Noun The opposite of right; something which is wrong, particularly injustice.
  14. wrong Verb To treat unjustly; to injure or harm.
  15. wrong Verb To deprive of some right, or to withhold some act of justice.
  16. wrong Verb To slander; to impute evil to unjustly.
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