Definition of worse

Definition of worse
  1. worse Adjective Comparative of bad
  2. worse Adjective Comparative of ill
  3. worse Adjective Of lower quality, less desirable.
  4. worse Adjective More severe or serious.
  5. worse Adjective More evil.
  6. worse Adverb Comparative of badly
  7. worse Adverb Comparative of ill
  8. worse Adverb Less skillfully.
  9. worse Adverb More severely or seriously.
  10. worse Adverb ("sentence adverb") Used to start a sentence.
  11. worse Noun A worse condition.
  12. bad Adjective Not good; unfavorable; negative.
  13. bad Adjective Seemingly non-appropriate, in manners, etc.
  14. bad Adjective Not suitable or fitting.
  15. bad Adjective Tricky; stressful; unpleasant.
  16. bad Adjective Evil; wicked.
  17. bad Adjective Faulty; not functional.
  18. bad Adjective Of food, spoiled, rotten, overripe.
  19. bad Adjective Of breath, malodorous, foul.
  20. bad Adjective Bold and daring.
  21. bad Adjective Severe, urgent (of a need or want).
  22. bad Adverb Badly.
  23. bad Noun error, mistake
  24. bad Adjective Fantastic.
  25. bad Verb Form of bid. See.
  26. bad Verb To shell (a walnut).
  27. ill Adjective Evil; wicked (of people).
  28. ill Adjective Morally reprehensible (of behaviour etc.); blameworthy.
  29. ill Adjective Indicative of unkind or malevolent intentions; harsh, cruel.
  30. ill Adjective Unwell in terms of health or physical condition; sick.
  31. ill Adjective Having an urge to vomit.
  32. ill Adjective Sublime, with the connotation of being so in a singularly creative way. [This sense sometimes declines in AAVE as "ill", "comparative" "iller", "superlative" "illest".]
  33. ill Adjective Extremely bad (bad enough to make one ill). Generally used indirectly with "to be".
  34. ill Adverb Not well; imperfectly, badly; hardly.
  35. ill Noun Trouble; distress; misfortune; adversity.
  36. ill Noun Harm or injury.
  37. ill Noun Evil; moral wrongfulness.
  38. ill Noun A physical ailment; an illness.
  39. ill Noun Unfavorable remarks or opinions.
  40. ill Noun PCP, phencyclidine
  41. badly Adjective ill, unwell
  42. badly Adverb In a bad manner.
  43. badly Adverb Very much; to a great degree.
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