Definition of wiring

Definition of wiring
  1. wiring Verb Present participle of wire
  2. wiring Noun A system of electric wires.
  3. wiring Noun The act of installing wiring.
  4. wire Noun Metal formed into a thin, even thread, now usually by being drawn through a hole in a steel die.
  5. wire Noun A piece of such material; a thread or slender rod of metal, a cable
  6. wire Noun A metal conductor that carries electricity.
  7. wire Noun A fence made of usually barbed wire.
  8. wire Noun A finish line of a racetrack.
  9. wire Noun A telecommunication wire or cable; hence, an electric telegraph; a telegram
  10. wire Noun A hidden listening device on the person of an undercover operative for the purposes of obtaining incriminating spoken evidence.
  11. wire Noun A deadline or critical endpoint.
  12. wire Noun A wire strung with beads and hung horizontally above or near the table which is used to keep score.
  13. wire Verb To fasten with wire, especially with reference to wine bottles, corks, or fencing.
  14. wire Verb To string on a wire.
  15. wire Verb To equip with wires for use with electricity.
  16. wire Verb To add something into an electrical system by means of wiring; to incorporate or include something.
  17. wire Verb To send a message or a money value to another person through a telecommunications system, formerly predominately by telegraph.
  18. wire Verb To make someone tense or psyched-up.
  19. wire Verb To install eavesdropping equipment.
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