Definition of wing

Definition of wing
  1. wing Noun An appendage of an animal's (bird, bat, insect) body that enables it to fly.
  2. wing Noun Human arm.
  3. wing Noun Part of an airplane that produces the lift for rising into the air.
  4. wing Noun Part of a building, an extension from the main building
  5. wing Noun Part of a huge room.
  6. wing Noun A fraction of a political movement. Usually implies a position apart from the mainstream center position.
  7. wing Noun An organizational grouping in a military aviation service:
  8. wing Noun A panel of a car which encloses the wheel area, especially the front wheels.
  9. wing Noun A platform on either side of the bridge of a vessel, normally found in pairs.
  10. wing Noun A position in several field games on either side of the field.
  11. wing Verb To injure slightly (as with a gunshot), especially in the arm.
  12. wing Verb To fly.
  13. wing Verb (Of a building) To add a wing (extra part) to.
  14. wing Verb To act or speak extemporaneously; to improvise; to wing it.
  15. wing Verb To throw.
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