Definition of wick

Definition of wick
  1. wick Noun A bundle, twist, braid, or woven strip of cord, fabric, fiber, or other porous material in a candle, oil lamp, kerosene heater, or the like, that draws up liquid fuel, such as melted tallow, wax, or the oil, delivering it to the base of the flame for conversion to gases and burning; any other length of material burned for illumination in small successive portions.
  2. wick Noun Any piece of porous material that conveys liquid by capillary action; e.g. a strip of gauze placed in a wound to serve as a drain.
  3. wick Noun A narrow opening in the field, flanked by other players' stones.
  4. wick Noun A shot where the played stone touches a stationary stone just enough that the played stone changes direction.
  5. wick Verb To convey or draw off (liquid) by capillary action.
  6. wick Verb To traverse (i.e. be conveyed by capillary action) through a wick or other porous material, as water through a sponge. Usually followed by.
  7. wick Verb To strike (a stone) obliquely; to strike (a stationary stone) just enough that the played stone changes direction.
  8. wick Noun A farm, especially a dairy farm.
  9. wick Noun A village; hamlet; castle; dwelling; street; creek; bay; harbour; a place of work, jurisdiction, or exercise of authority.
  10. wick Adjective Alive; lively; full of life; active; bustling; nimble; quick.
  11. wick Noun Liveliness; life.
  12. wick Noun The growing part of a plant nearest to the roots.
  13. wick Noun A maggot.
  14. wick Noun A corner of the mouth or eye.
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