Definition of wether

Definition of wether
  1. wether Noun A castrated buck goat.
  2. wether Noun A castrated ram.
  3. wether Noun Archaic spelling of weather
  4. wether Verb To castrate a male sheep or goat.
  5. weather Noun The short term state of the atmosphere at a specific time and place, including the temperature, humidity, cloud cover, precipitation, wind, etc.
  6. weather Noun Unpleasant or destructive atmospheric conditions, and its effects.
  7. weather Noun The direction from which the wind is blowing; used attributively to indicate the windward side.
  8. weather Noun A situation.
  9. weather Verb To expose to the weather, or show the effects of such exposure, or to withstand such effects.
  10. weather Verb To pass to windward in a vessel, especially to beat 'round.
  11. weather Verb To endure or survive an event or action without undue damage.
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