Definition of well

Definition of well
  1. well Adverb Accurately, competently.
  2. well Adverb Completely, fully.
  3. well Adverb To a significant degree.
  4. well Adverb Very (as a general-purpose intensifier).
  5. well Adjective In good health.
  6. well Adjective Prudent; good; well-advised.
  7. well Interjection Used to acknowledge a statement or situation (short form for "that is well").
  8. well Interjection An exclamation of surprise, often doubled or tripled.
  9. well Interjection Used in speech to fill gaps; filled pause.
  10. well Noun A hole sunk into the ground as a source of water, oil, natural gas or other fluids.
  11. well Noun A place where a liquid such as water surfaces naturally, a spring.
  12. well Noun A small depression suitable for holding liquid, or other objects.
  13. well Noun A vertical, cylindrical trunk in a ship, reaching down to the lowest part of the hull, through which the bilge pumps operate.
  14. well Noun The cockpit of a sailboat.
  15. well Noun A well drink.
  16. well Noun The playfield of the video game "Tetris".
  17. well Verb To seep out of the surface.
  18. well Verb To have something seep out of the surface.
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