Definition of web

Definition of web
  1. web Noun The silken structure a spider builds using silk secreted from the spinnerets at the caudal tip of its abdomen; a spiderweb.A spider's web
  2. web Noun Any interconnected set of persons, places, or things, which when diagrammed resembles a spider's web.
  3. web Noun Specifically, the World Wide Web (often capitalized Web).
  4. web Noun The part of a baseball mitt between the forefinger and thumb, the webbing. A baseball glove, with a "web" between the thumb and forefinger
  5. web Noun A latticed or woven structure.
  6. web Noun The interconnection between flanges in structural members, increasing the effective lever arm and so the load capacity of the member.
  7. web Noun The thinner vertical section of a railway rail between the top (head) and bottom (foot) of the rail. Profile of flat-bottomed and bullhead railway rail showing the "web"
  8. web Noun A fold of tissue connecting the toes of certain birds.
  9. web Noun A continuous strip of material carried by rollers during processing.
  10. web Noun A long sheet of paper which is fed from a roll into a printing press, as opposed to individual sheets of paper.
  11. web Proper noun Alternative capitalization of Web: the World Wide Web.
  12. web Verb to construct or form a web
  13. web Verb to cover with a web or network
  14. web Verb to ensnare or entangle
  15. web Verb to provide with a web
  16. Web Proper noun The World Wide Web.
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