Definition of waved

Definition of waved
  1. waved Verb Past of wave
  2. wave Verb To move back and forth repeatedly.
  3. wave Verb To wave one's hand in greeting or departure.
  4. wave Verb To have an undulating or wavy form.
  5. wave Verb To produce waves to the hair.
  6. wave Verb To swing and miss at a pitch.
  7. wave Verb To cause to move back and forth repeatedly.
  8. wave Verb To signal (someone or something) with a waving movement.
  9. wave Verb To try, in public, to attract people into a business establishment.
  10. wave Noun A moving disturbance in the level of a body of water; undulation.
  11. wave Noun A moving disturbance in the energy level of a field.
  12. wave Noun A shape which alternatingly curves in opposite directions.
  13. wave Noun A sudden unusually large amount of something that is temporarily experienced.
  14. wave Noun A sideway movement of the hand(s).
  15. wave Noun A motion of a crowd caused by its members' successively putting their arms in the air, so that those in one part of the crowd do so immediately after their immediate neighbors on one side, and the crowd looks as though a disturbance is going through it.
  16. wave Verb Obsolete spelling of waive
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