Definition of wane

Definition of wane
  1. wane Noun A gradual diminution in power, value, intensity etc.
  2. wane Noun The lunar phase during which diminishes the sunlight-illuminated area of the moon's surface visible from Earth.
  3. wane Noun The end of a period.
  4. wane Noun A rounded corner caused by lack of wood, often showing bark.
  5. wane Verb To progressively lose its splendor, value, ardor, power, intensity etc.; to decline.
  6. wane Verb Said of light that dims or diminishes in strength.
  7. wane Verb Said of the Moon as its through the phases of its monthly cycle during which its visible surface is progressively decrease.
  8. wane Verb Said of a time period that comes to an end.
  9. wane Verb To decrease physically in size, amount, numbers or surface.
  10. wane Verb To cause to decrease.
  11. wane Noun A child.
  12. wane Noun A house or dwelling.
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