Definition of wallop

Definition of wallop
  1. wallop Noun A heavy blow, punch.
  2. wallop Noun A person's ability to throw such punches.
  3. wallop Noun An emotional impact, psychological force.
  4. wallop Noun A thrill, emotionally excited reaction.
  5. wallop Noun anything produced by a process that involves boiling; Beer, tea, whitewash.
  6. wallop Noun A thick piece of fat.
  7. wallop Verb (intransitive) To rush hastily
  8. wallop Verb (intransitive) To flounder, wallow
  9. wallop Verb (intransitive) To boil noisily
  10. wallop Verb (transitive) To strike heavily, thrash soundly.
  11. wallop Verb (transitive) To trounce, beat by wide.
  12. wallop Verb To write a message to all operators on an Internet Relay Chat server.
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