Definition of wall

Definition of wall
  1. wall Verb To boil.
  2. wall Verb To well, as water; spring.
  3. wall Noun A spring of water.
  4. wall Noun A rampart of earth, stones etc. built up for defensive purposes.
  5. wall Noun A structure built for defense surrounding a city, castle etc.
  6. wall Noun Each of the substantial structures acting either as the exterior of or divisions within a structure.
  7. wall Noun A divisive or containing structure in an organ or cavity.
  8. wall Noun A temporary impediment to free movement.
  9. wall Noun A type of butterfly ("Lasiommata megera").
  10. wall Noun A fictional bidder used to increase the price at an auction. Also called a chandelier.
  11. wall Noun A line of defenders set up between an opposing free-kick taker and the goal.
  12. wall Verb To enclose with a wall
  13. wall Verb To enclose by surrounding with walls.
  14. wall Verb To separate with a wall
  15. wall Verb To seal with a wall
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