Definition of waive

Definition of waive
  1. waive Verb To outlaw (someone).
  2. waive Verb To abandon, give up (someone or something).
  3. waive Verb To relinquish (a right etc.); to give up claim to; to forego.
  4. waive Verb To put aside, avoid.
  5. waive Verb To move from side to side; to sway.
  6. waive Verb To stray, wander.
  7. waive Noun A woman put out of the protection of the law; an outlawed woman.
  8. waive Noun Obsolete form of waif
  9. waif Noun Goods found of which the owner is not known; originally, such goods as a pursued thief threw away to prevent being apprehended, which belonged to the king unless the owner made pursuit of the felon, took him, and brought him to justice.
  10. waif Noun Hence, anything found, or without an owner; that which comes along, as it were, by chance.
  11. waif Noun A wanderer; a castaway; a stray; a homeless child.
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