Definition of waffle

Definition of waffle
  1. waffle Noun A flat pastry pressed with a grid pattern.
  2. waffle Noun A Potato waffle, a savory flat potato cake with the same kind of grid pattern.
  3. waffle Verb To smash.
  4. waffle Noun Speech or writing that is vague, pretentious or evasive.
  5. waffle Verb To move in a side-to-side motion and descend (lose altitude) before landing. Cf "wiffle", "whiffle".
  6. waffle Verb To speak or write vaguely and evasively.
  7. waffle Verb To speak or write at length without any clear point or aim.
  8. waffle Verb To vacillate.
  9. waffle Verb To rotate (one's hand) back and forth in a gesture of vacillation or ambivalence.
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