Definition of vill

Definition of vill
  1. vill Noun the smallest administrative unit of land in feudal England, corresponding to the Anglo-Saxon tithing and the modern parish
  2. vill Verb Eye dialect of will
  3. will Noun Desire, longing. (Now generally merged with later senses.)
  4. will Noun One's independent faculty of choice; the ability to be able to exercise one's choice or intention.
  5. will Noun One's intention or decision; someone's orders or commands.
  6. will Noun That which is desired; one's wish.
  7. will Noun The act of choosing to do something; a person's conscious intent or volition.
  8. will Noun A formal declaration of one's intent concerning the disposal of one's property and holdings after death; the legal document stating such wishes.
  9. will Verb To wish, desire.
  10. will Verb To instruct (that something be done) in one's will.
  11. will Verb To try to make (something) happen by using one's will (intention).
  12. will Verb To bequeath (something) to someone in one's will (legal document).
  13. will Verb To wish, desire (something).
  14. will Verb To wish or desire (that something happen); to intend (that).
  15. will Verb To habitually do (a given action).
  16. will Verb To choose to (do something), used to express intention but without any temporal connotations (+ bare infinitive).
  17. will Verb Used to express the future tense, formerly with some implication of volition, especially in first-person. Compare .
  18. will Verb To be able to, to have the capacity to.
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