Definition of vesting

Definition of vesting
  1. vesting Noun The entitlement of an employee to receive the full benefit of a pension at normal retirement age or a reduced pension upon early retirement even upon change of employer before retirement.
  2. vesting Noun The entitlement of an employee to exercise a stock option after a predetermined period of time.
  3. vesting Verb Present participle of vest
  4. vest Noun A loose robe or outer garment worn historically by men in Arabic or Middle Eastern countries.
  5. vest Noun A sleeveless garment that buttons down the front, worn over a shirt, and often as part of a suit; a waistcoat.
  6. vest Noun A sleeveless garment, often with a low-cut neck, usually worn under a shirt or blouse.
  7. vest Noun A sleeveless top, typically with identifying colours or logos, worn by an athlete or member of a sports team.
  8. vest Noun Any sleeveless outer garment, often for a purpose such as identification, safety, or storage.
  9. vest Verb (commonly used of financial arrangements) To become vested, to become permanent.
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