Definition of vaulting

Definition of vaulting
  1. vaulting Noun The practice of constructing vaults, or a particular method of such construction.
  2. vaulting Noun A vaulted structure; such structures treated as a group.
  3. vaulting Noun The sport of gymnastics and dance routines performed on horseback, and on the longe line.
  4. vaulting Verb Present participle of vault
  5. vaulting Adjective Leaning upward or over
  6. vaulting Adjective Exaggerated or overreaching
  7. vaulting Adjective performing
  8. vault Noun An arched structure of masonry, forming a ceiling or canopy.
  9. vault Noun A structure resembling a vault, especially that formed by the sky.
  10. vault Noun A secure, enclosed area, especially an underground room used for burial, or to store valuables, wine etc.
  11. vault Verb To build as, or cover with a vault.
  12. vault Verb To jump or leap over.
  13. vault Noun An act of vaulting; a leap or jump.
  14. vault Noun An event in gymanstics performed on a vaulting horse.
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