Definition of van

Definition of van
  1. van Noun A (covered) vehicle used for carrying goods or people, usually roughly cuboid in shape, longer and higher than a car but smaller than a truck
  2. van Noun a railway carriage
  3. van Noun Form of vanguard
  4. van Noun Form of caravan
  5. vanguard Noun The leading units at the front of an army or fleet.
  6. vanguard Noun (by extension) The persons at the forefront of any group or movement.
  7. caravan Noun A convoy or procession of travelers, their vehicles and cargo, and any pack animals, especially camels crossing a desert.
  8. caravan Noun A furnished vehicle towed behind a car etc and used as a dwelling when stationary.
  9. caravan Verb To travel in a caravan.
  10. caravan Verb To stay in a caravan.
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