Definition of valence

Definition of valence
  1. valence Noun An extract; a preparation.
  2. valence Noun The combining capacity of an atom, radical or functional group determined by the number of electrons that it will lose, gain, or share when it combines with other atoms etc
  3. valence Noun The number of binding sites of a molecule, such as an antibody or antigen
  4. valence Noun The number of arguments that a verb can have, including the subject of the verb in the counting, ranging from zero (for the likes of "It rains") to three (for the likes of "He gives her a flower").
  5. valence Noun A one-dimensional value assigned to an object, situation, or state, that can usually be positive or negative
  6. valence Noun Alternative spelling of valance
  7. valance Noun Short curtain that hangs along the top edge of a window.
  8. valance Noun A decorative framework used to conceal the curtain mechanism and so on at the top of a window.
  9. valance Noun A short, decorative edging of cloth that hangs from the mattress to the floor.
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