Definition of upcast

Definition of upcast
  1. upcast Adjective Cast up; thrown upward; as, with "upcast" eyes. - Joseph Addison.
  2. upcast Noun A cast; a throw. - Shakespeare
  3. upcast Noun The ventilating shaft of a mine out of which the air passes after having circulated through the mine.
  4. upcast Noun An upset, as from a carriage.
  5. upcast Noun A taunt; a reproach. - Sir W. Scott
  6. upcast Noun A cast from subtype to supertype.
  7. upcast Noun A message transmitted via upcasting
  8. upcast Verb To cast or throw up; to turn upward.
  9. upcast Verb To taunt; to reproach; to upbraid.
  10. upcast Verb To cast from subtype to supertype.
  11. upcast Verb To broadcast a message or data to aircraft or satellites, especially via radio waves; as opposed to uplinking to a specific satellite or aircraft
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