Definition of train

Definition of train
  1. train Noun A line of connected cars or carriages pushed or pulled by one or more locomotives, especially a railroad train which travels on a set of tracks.
  2. train Noun A group of animals, vehicles, or people that follow one another in a line, such as a wagon train; a caravan or procession.
  3. train Noun The men and vehicles following an army, which carry artillery and other equipment for battle or siege.
  4. train Noun A sequence of events or ideas which are interconnected; a train of events or a train of thought.
  5. train Noun A series of electrical pulses.
  6. train Noun A set of interconnected mechanical parts like the drive train of a car.
  7. train Noun That which is drawn along, like the part of a gown which trails behind the wearer.
  8. train Verb To practice an ability.
  9. train Verb To teach a task.
  10. train Verb To improve one's fitness.
  11. train Verb To proceed in sequence.
  12. train Verb To move (a gun) laterally so that it points in a different direction.
  13. train Verb To encourage (a plant or branch) to grow in a particular direction or shape, usually by pruning and bending.
  14. train Verb To create a trainer for; to apply cheats to (a game).
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