Definition of tide

Definition of tide
  1. tide Noun The periodic change of the sea level, particularly when caused by the gravitational influence of the sun and the moon.
  2. tide Noun A stream, current or flood.
  3. tide Noun Time, notably anniversary, period or season linked to an ecclesiastical feast.
  4. tide Noun The period of twelve hours.
  5. tide Noun Something which changes like the tides of the sea.
  6. tide Noun Tendency or direction of causes, influences, or events; course; current.
  7. tide Noun Violent confluence — Francis Bacon
  8. tide Verb To cause to float with the tide; to drive or carry with the tide or stream.
  9. tide Verb To pour a tide or flood.
  10. tide Verb To work into or out of a river or harbor by drifting with the tide and anchoring when it becomes adverse.
  11. tide Verb To happen, occur.
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