Definition of tan

Definition of tan
  1. tan Noun A yellowish-brown colour.
  2. tan Noun A darkening of the skin resulting from exposure to sunlight or similar light sources.
  3. tan Noun The bark of an oak or other tree from which tannic acid is obtained.
  4. tan Adjective Of a yellowish-brown.
  5. tan Adjective Having dark skin as a result of exposure to the sun.
  6. tan Verb To change to a tan colour due to exposure to the sun.
  7. tan Verb To change an animal hide into leather by soaking it in tannic acid.See Wikipedia article on Tanning. To work as a tanner.
  8. tan Verb To spank or beat.
  9. tan Cardinal number The second cardinal number two, formerly used in Celtic areas, especially Cumbria and parts of Yorkshire, for counting sheep, and stitches in knitting.See Wikipedia article on Yan Tan Tethera
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