Definition of stud

Definition of stud
  1. stud Noun A male animal, especially a stud horse (stallion), kept for breeding.
  2. stud Noun A female animal, especially a studmare (broodmare), kept for breeding.
  3. stud Noun An animal (usually livestock) that has been registered and is retained for breeding.
  4. stud Noun Place (e.g. ranch) which keeps such animal(s)
  5. stud Noun A sexually attractive male; also a lover in great demand.
  6. stud Noun A small object that protrudes from something.
  7. stud Noun A small round earring.
  8. stud Noun A vertical post.
  9. stud Noun A type of poker where an individual cannot throw cards away and some of her cards are exposed (also stud poker).
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