Definition of strike out

Definition of strike out
  1. strike out Verb To lash out; to strike or hit at someone or something, particularly something in arm's length of the striker and at or near the level of the striker's head.
  2. strike out Verb To strongly criticize or defend with words, in particular as a rebuttal to previous criticism.
  3. strike out Verb To draw a line through some text such as a printed or written sentence, with the purpose of deleting that text from the rest of the document. The text so deleted may be completely obscured, or it may be deliberately left legible with the line through it so that readers can see that it was deliberately deleted.
  4. strike out Verb To be retired after three strikes (missed swings, as opposed to any other way of becoming "out.")
  5. strike out Verb To retire a batter after three strikes.
  6. strike out Verb To be refused a request or to have a proposal not be accepted, in particular a request for a (hopefully romantic) date.
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