Definition of russet

Definition of russet
  1. russet Noun A coarse, reddish-brown, homespun fabric.
  2. russet Noun Country dress; homespun cloth.
  3. russet Noun A reddish-brown color.
  4. russet Noun Variety of apple of russet-colored, rough skin.
  5. russet Noun Variety of potato with dark gray-brown, rough skin.
  6. russet Adjective Having a reddish-brown color.
  7. russet Adjective Gray or ash-colored (antiquated usage).
  8. russet Adjective Rustic, homespun, coarse, plain.
  9. russet Adjective Condition of leather when it is finished, excepting the operations of coloring and polishing the surface. (From 1880s British/American dictionary.)
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