Definition of rollers

Definition of rollers
  1. rollers Noun Plural of roller
  2. roller Noun anything that rolls
  3. roller Noun any rotating cylindrical device that is part of a machine, especially one used to apply or reduce pressure
  4. roller Noun a heavy rolling device used to flatten the surface of the pitch
  5. roller Noun a large, wide, curling wave that falls back on itself as it breaks on a coast
  6. roller Noun a cylindrical tool for applying paint or ink
  7. roller Noun an agricultural machine used for flattening land and breaking up lumps of earth
  8. roller Noun a tumbling pigeon
  9. roller Noun any of various aggressive birds, of the family "Coraciidae", having bright blue wings and hooked beaks
  10. roller Noun (also written Roller) a car made by Rolls-Royce
  11. roller Noun the police (old blues slang)
  12. roller Noun a padded surcingle that is used on horses for training and vaulting
  13. roller Noun A roll of titles or (especially) credits played over film or video; television or film credits.
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