Definition of reverse

Definition of reverse
  1. reverse Adjective Having the order of its constituents moved backwards in time or space.
  2. reverse Adjective Causing movement in the opposite direction.
  3. reverse Adjective to be in the non-default position; to be set for the lesser-used route.
  4. reverse Adverb In a reverse way or direction; upside-down.
  5. reverse Noun The opposite of front.
  6. reverse Noun The opposite of forward.
  7. reverse Noun The gear setting of an automobile that makes it travel backwards.
  8. reverse Noun The "tails" side of a coin, or the side of a medal or badge that is opposite the obverse.
  9. reverse Verb To turn something around such that it faces in the opposite direction.
  10. reverse Verb To turn something inside out or upside down.
  11. reverse Verb To transpose the positions of two things.
  12. reverse Verb To return, come back.
  13. reverse Verb To revoke a law, or to change a decision into its opposite.
  14. reverse Verb To cause a mechanism or a vehicle to operate or move in the opposite direction.
  15. reverse Verb To change the direction of a reaction such that the products become the reactants and vice-versa.
  16. reverse Verb To place a set of points in the reverse position
  17. reverse Verb to move from the normal position to the reverse position
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