Definition of retreated

Definition of retreated
  1. retreated Verb Past of retreat
  2. retreat Noun The act of pulling back or withdrawing, as from something dangerous, or unpleasant.
  3. retreat Noun The act of reversing direction and receding from a forward position.
  4. retreat Noun A peaceful, quiet place affording privacy, or security.
  5. retreat Noun A period of retirement, seclusion, or solitude.
  6. retreat Noun A period of meditation, prayer or study
  7. retreat Noun Withdrawal by military force from a dangerous position or from enemy attack.
  8. retreat Noun A signal for a military withdrawal.
  9. retreat Noun A bugle call or drumbeat signaling the lowering of the flag at sunset, as on a military base.
  10. retreat Noun A military ceremony to lower the flag.
  11. retreat Verb To withdraw military forces.