Definition of quits

Definition of quits
  1. quits Adjective On equal monetary terms; neither owing or being owed.
  2. quits Verb Third-person singular of quit
  3. quit Verb To pay (a debt, fine etc.).
  4. quit Verb To repay (someone) for (something).
  5. quit Verb To repay, pay back (a good deed, injury etc.).
  6. quit Verb To conduct oneself, acquit oneself, to behave (in a specified way).
  7. quit Verb To abandon, renounce (a thing).
  8. quit Verb To leave (a place).
  9. quit Verb To resign from (a job, office, position, etc.).
  10. quit Verb To stop, give up (an activity) (usually + gerund or verbal noun).
  11. quit Verb To close (an application).
  12. quit Verb Past of quit
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