Definition of quilled

Definition of quilled
  1. quilled Adjective having quills or similar structures
  2. quilled Adjective having long, narrow petals or florets
  3. quilled Adjective created through the process of quilling
  4. quilled Adjective having small, rounded folds
  5. quilled Adjective decorated with quillwork
  6. quilled Verb Past of quill
  7. quill Noun The lower shaft of a feather, specifically the region lacking barbs.
  8. quill Noun A pen made from a feather.
  9. quill Noun Any pen."Oxford English Dictionary", 2nd ed., 1989.
  10. quill Noun A sharply pointed, barbed, and easily detached needle-like structure that grows on the skin of a porcupine as a defense against predators.
  11. quill Noun A thin piece of bark, especially of cinnamon or cinchona, curled up into a tube.
  12. quill Verb To pierce or be pierced with quills.
  13. quill Verb To write.
  14. quill Verb To form fabric into small, rounded folds.
  15. quill Verb To decorate with quillwork.
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