Definition of queer

Definition of queer
  1. queer Adjective ("somewhat old-fashioned") weird, odd or different.
  2. queer Adjective ("somewhat old-fashioned") slightly unwell ("mainly in" "to feel queer").
  3. queer Adjective homosexual.
  4. queer Adjective having to do with homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism etc.
  5. queer Noun A person who is or appears homosexual, or who has homosexual qualities.
  6. queer Noun A person of atypical sexuality or sexual identity.
  7. queer Noun General term of abuse, casting aspersions on target's sexuality; compare.
  8. queer Noun Counterfeit money.
  9. queer Verb To render an endeavor or agreement ineffective or null.
  10. queer Verb To reevaluate or reinterpret a work with an eye to sexual orientation and/or to gender, as by applying queer theory.
  11. queer Adverb queerly
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