Definition of queening

Definition of queening
  1. queening Verb Present participle of queen
  2. queening Noun Any of several kinds of apple.
  3. queen Noun A female monarch. Example: Queen Victoria
  4. queen Noun The wife or widow of a king. Example: Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
  5. queen Noun The most powerful piece, able to move any number of spaces horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  6. queen Noun A playing card with the picture of a queen on its face, the twelfth card in a given suit.
  7. queen Noun A powerful or forceful female person.
  8. queen Noun An effeminate male homosexual. See drag queen.
  9. queen Noun A reproductive female animal in a hive, such as an ant, bee, termite or wasp
  10. queen Noun An adult female cat valued for breeding. See tom.
  11. queen Verb to make a queen
  12. queen Verb to promote a pawn, usually to a queen.
  13. queen Verb To sit on the face of (a partner) to receive oral sex.
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