Definition of quarter

Definition of quarter
  1. quarter Adjective Pertaining to an aspect of a quarter.
  2. quarter Adjective Consisting of a fourth part, a quarter (1/4, 25%).
  3. quarter Adjective Related to a three-month term, a quarter of a year.
  4. quarter Noun Any one of four equal parts into which something has been divided.
  5. quarter Noun (United States and Canada) A coin worth 25 cents.
  6. quarter Noun A period of three consecutive months.
  7. quarter Noun A section or area (of a town, etc.).
  8. quarter Noun Accommodation granted to a defeated opponent
  9. quarter Noun An old English measure of corn, containing 8 bushels.
  10. quarter Noun An old English measure of cloth, nine inches or four nails
  11. quarter Noun Each of the four divisions or watches of a twelve-hour night.
  12. quarter Verb To divide into quarters.
  13. quarter Verb To provide housing for military personnel or other equipment.
  14. quarter Verb To drive a carriage so as to prevent the wheels from going into the ruts, or so that a rut shall be between the wheels.
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