Definition of press

Definition of press
  1. press Noun A device used to apply pressure to an item.
  2. press Noun A collective term for the print based media (both the people and the newspapers)
  3. press Noun A publisher.
  4. press Noun An enclosed storage space (eg closet, cupboard).
  5. press Noun A printing machine.
  6. press Noun An exercise in which weight is forced away from the body by extension of the arms or legs.
  7. press Noun An additional bet in a golf match that duplicates an existing (usually losing) wager in value, but begins even at the time of the bet.
  8. press Noun Pure, unfermented, unaltered grape juice.
  9. press Verb to exert weight or force against, to act upon with with force or weight
  10. press Verb to compress, squeeze
  11. press Verb to clasp, hold in an embrace; to hug
  12. press Verb to reduce to a particular shape or form by pressure, especially flatten or smooth
  13. press Verb To flatten a selected area of fabric using an iron with an up-and-down, not sliding, motion, so as to avoid disturbing adjacent areas.
  14. press Verb to drive or thrust by pressure, to force in a certain direction
  15. press Verb to weigh upon, oppress, trouble
  16. press Verb to force to a certain end or result; to urge strongly, impel
  17. press Verb to hasten, urge onward
  18. press Verb to urge, beseech, entreat
  19. press Verb to lay stress upon, emphasize
  20. press Verb to throng, crowd
  21. press Verb to print
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