Definition of overhead

Definition of overhead
  1. overhead Adjective located above, especially over the head
  2. overhead Adjective of, or relating to the operating expenses of a business
  3. overhead Adjective Kicked over one's own head.
  4. overhead Noun The expense of a business not directly assigned to goods or services provided.
  5. overhead Noun The items or classes of expense not directly assigned to goods or services provided.
  6. overhead Noun Any cost or expenditure (monetary, time, effort or otherwise) incurred in a project or activity, which does not directly contribute to the progress or outcome of the project or activity.
  7. overhead Noun Wasted money.
  8. overhead Noun A smash.
  9. overhead Noun The ceiling of any enclosed space below decks in a vessel
  10. overhead Noun The system of overhead wires used to power electric transport, such as streetcars, trains, or buses.
  11. overhead Noun data or steps of computation that is only used to facilitate the computations in the system and is not directly related to the actual program code or data being processed. E.g. "network overhead" is the header data that is required to route and transport data over network; "fork overhead" is the additional time and memory cost of creating and managing new processes within operating system.
  12. overhead Noun An overhead throw.
  13. overhead Adverb above one's head;in the sky
  14. overhead Noun An overhead projector.
  15. overhead Noun A sheet of transparent material with an image used with an overhead projector; an overhead transparency.
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