Definition of overgo

Definition of overgo
  1. overgo Verb To cross, go over (a barrier etc.); to surmount.
  2. overgo Verb To pass (a figurative barrier); to transgress.
  3. overgo Verb To pass by, pass away; often, to go unnoticed.
  4. overgo Verb To spread across (something); to overrun.
  5. overgo Verb To go over, move over the top of, travel across the surface of; to traverse, travel through.
  6. overgo Verb To go beyond; to exceed, surpass.
  7. overgo Verb To get the better of; to overcome, overpower.
  8. overgo Verb To overtake, go faster than.
  9. overgo Noun A sequence of overlapping oligonucleotides, used to design hybridization.
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