Definition of organic

Definition of organic
  1. organic Adjective pertaining to, derived from, like, of the nature of, an organ of the body
  2. organic Adjective relating to the compounds of carbon, relating to natural products
  3. organic Adjective of food or food products, grown in an environment free from artificial agrichemicals, and possibly certified by a regulatory body.
  4. organic Adjective describing a form of social solidarity theorized by Emile Durkheim that is characterized by voluntary engagements in complex interdepencies for mutual benefit (such as business agreements), rather than mechanical solidarity, which depends on ascribed relations between people (as in a family or tribe).
  5. organic Adjective Of a military unit or formation, or its elements, belonging to a permanent organization (in contrast to being temporarily attached).
  6. organic Adjective Generated according to the ranking algorithms of a search engine, as opposed to paid placement by advertisers.
  7. organic Noun An organic compound
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