Definition of operating

Definition of operating
  1. operating Adjective in operation
  2. operating Adjective that operates
  3. operating Adjective involved in an operation
  4. operating Verb Present participle of operate
  5. operate Verb To perform a work or labour; to exert power or strength, physical or mechanical; to act.
  6. operate Verb To produce an appropriate physical effect; to issue in the result designed by nature; especially (Med.), to take appropriate effect on the human system.
  7. operate Verb To act or produce effect on the mind; to exert moral power or influence.
  8. operate Verb To perform some manual act upon a human body in a methodical manner, and usually with instruments, with a view to restore soundness or health, as in amputation, lithotomy, etc.
  9. operate Verb To deal in stocks or any commodity with a view to speculative profits.
  10. operate Verb To produce, as an effect; to cause.
  11. operate Verb To put into, or to continue in, operation or activity; to work; as, to operate a machine.
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