Definition of on

Definition of on
  1. on Adjective in the state of being active, functioning or operating
  2. on Adjective performing according to schedule
  3. on Adjective Having reached a base as a runner and being positioned there, awaiting further action from a subsequent batter.
  4. on Adverb to an operating state
  5. on Adverb along, forwards (continuing an action)
  6. on Adverb in continuation, at length.
  7. on Adverb in, or towards the half of the field on the same side as the batsman's legs; the left side for a right-handed batsman; leg
  8. on Preposition Positioned at the upper surface of, touching from above.
  9. on Preposition covering
  10. on Preposition At the date of.
  11. on Preposition Some time during the day of.
  12. on Preposition Dealing with the subject of, about, or concerning something.
  13. on Preposition Touching; hanging from.
  14. on Preposition In the possession of.
  15. on Preposition Because of, or due to.
  16. on Preposition Immediately after.
  17. on Preposition Paid for by.
  18. on Preposition Away or occupied with (e.g. a scheduled activity).
  19. on Preposition Regularly taking (a drug).
  20. on Preposition Having identical domain and codomain.
  21. on Preposition Having V^n as domain and "V" as codomain, for some set "V" and integer "n".
  22. on Preposition Generated by.
  23. on Preposition Supported by (the specified part of itself).
  24. on Preposition Later.
  25. on Noun Dated form of eon
  26. eon Noun Eternity.
  27. eon Noun A period of 1,000,000,000 years.
  28. eon Noun The longest time period used in geology.
  29. eon Noun A long period of time.
  30. eon Noun A spirit being emanating from the Godhead.
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