Definition of normal

Definition of normal
  1. normal Adjective According to norms or rules.
  2. normal Adjective Usual; ordinary
  3. normal Adjective Healthy; not sick or ill
  4. normal Adjective Pertaining to a school to teach teachers how to teach.
  5. normal Adjective of, relating to, or being a solution containing one equivalent weight of solute per litre of solution.
  6. normal Adjective Describing a straight chain isomer of an aliphatic hydrocarbon, or an aliphatic compound in which a substituent is in the 1- position of such a hydrocarbon
  7. normal Adjective ("Of a mode in an oscillating system") In which all parts of an object vibrate at the same frequency; See normal mode
  8. normal Adjective Perpendicular to a tangent line or derivative of a surface in Euclidean space.
  9. normal Adjective (Of a subgroup) whose cosets form a group
  10. normal Adjective (Of a field extension of a field K) which is the splitting field of a family of polynomials in K
  11. normal Adjective (Of a distribution) which has a very specific bell curve shape
  12. normal Adjective (Of a family of continuous functions) which is pre-compact
  13. normal Adjective (Of a function from the ordinals to the ordinals) which is strictly monotonically increasing and continuous with respect to the order topology
  14. normal Adjective (Of a matrix) which commutes with its conjugate transpose
  15. normal Adjective (Of a Hilbert space operator) which commutes with its adjoint
  16. normal Adjective (Of an epimorphism) which is the cokernel of some morphism
  17. normal Adjective (Of a monomorphism) which is the kernel of some morphism
  18. normal Adjective (Of a morphism) which is a normal epimorphism or a normal monomorphism
  19. normal Adjective (Of a category) in which every monomorphism is normal
  20. normal Adjective (Of a real number) whose digits, in any base representation, enjoy a uniform distribution
  21. normal Adjective (Of a topology) in which disjoint closed sets can be separated by disjoint neighborhoods
  22. normal Adjective in the default position, set for the most frequently used route.
  23. normal Noun A line or vector that is perpendicular to another line, surface, or plane.
  24. normal Noun A person who is normal, who fits into mainstream society, as opposed to those who live alternative lifestyles.
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