Definition of nogging

Definition of nogging
  1. nogging Verb Present participle of nog
  2. nogging Noun A horizontal beam used in the construction of a building, especially to strengthen upright posts
  3. nogging Noun Rough brick masonry used to fill open spaces
  4. nog Noun A wooden block, the size of a brick, built into a wall, as a hold for the nails of woodwork.
  5. nog Noun One of the square logs of wood used in a pile to support the roof of a mine.
  6. nog Noun (Shipbuilding) A treenail to fasten the shores.
  7. nog Noun Short for noggin.
  8. nog Noun Short for eggnog.
  9. nog Noun Racial slur against African-Americans.
  10. nog Verb to fill in, as between scantling, with brickwork.
  11. nog Verb to fasten, as shores, with treenails.
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