Definition of nettles

Definition of nettles
  1. nettles Noun Plural of nettle
  2. nettles Noun Small lengths of cord attached to a sail, used to secure the excess fabric after reefing; reef points
  3. nettle Noun A herb of the genus "Urtica", which is covered with stinging, mildly poisonous hairs, causing an instant rash.
  4. nettle Noun The non-stinging plant deadnettle, also in the "nettle" family, "Urticaceae" (named after the above).
  5. nettle Noun Loosely, anything which causes a similarly stinging rash, such as a jellyfish or sea-nettle.
  6. nettle Verb Of the nettle plant and similar physical causes, to sting causing a rash in someone.
  7. nettle Verb To pique, irritate, vex or provoke someone.
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